Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Making Time for New Babies

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One thing I have found time for this summer is baby quilts!  I have managed to make and gift three this summer - all for baby boys.  

First up was this quilt I made for Cait’s old college roommate.  Actually, I finished it and sent it to North Carolina for a shower in March.  Her baby boy was born in June and she has sent pictures of the quilt hanging in his room.  Her shower was a picture book theme so I made this book shelf quilt adding some of my beloved Eric Carle fabric.  I can, without a doubt, say that Eric Carle is my favorite picture book author/illustrator for little ones. In addition to loving his beautiful books, I enjoyed sharing his story with my students in Germany since they had the shared experience of living in both Stuttgart, Germany and the United States.

Next, my dear military friend (and fellow librarian) was expecting her 2nd grandson in July and she asked if I would make him a special quilt.  The mother was decorating a nautical nursery with navy, white, and apple green.  I was afraid that I wouldn’t finish in time, but am happy to say that the quilt arrived in the mail 2 days before the baby was born.

The third quilt was for a special cousin.  I’ve always known that she would be a great mom and we were all so excited to learn that she is expecting twin boys.  Her mother and sister hosted a shower on Sunday and I finished her quilt in time for the event.  She and her husband live in a log cabin and the nursery will be a woodland theme.  I think she plans to use it as a wall hanging.

Everyone really seemed to love their quilts which makes me happy that I not only “Found the Time”, but made the time for these special people in my life!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Reading Guilt

Quite a stack of books, huh?  All selected for my summer reading.  Five weeks left and I have finished exactly one of these titles.  Still trying to set consistent expectations every day.  That’s what we expect from our students, right?  Thirty minutes of reading each night...yet I’m not holding myself to the same standard.  I need nightly reading to become routine.  But it’s summer … and I’m trying to “Find Time For It All!”